What to do When You Find Intimate Texts on His Mobile Phone?

So, you have decided to take sneaky action because your boyfriend is acting a bit strange. You have a strange gut feeling that something is not right and that he could be betraying you with another woman so you take a peek at his mobile phone or itemized phone bill to see what you can come up with. To your horror, you have found text messages from another girl that completely displeases you and of a sexual or intimate nature. What do you do from here?

From this point the only real logical step would be to confront your partner and tell him what you have come across. The only problem with this is that then he will know that you too betrayed his trust and went through his cell phone without permission. He doesn’t really have a right to turn this argument around on you at this time considering what he has been getting up to but from the experiences of many women, this is usually what happens.

You could try to get in touch with the other woman or women in question and ask them to leave your partner alone. They may not know that he is actually with you and just think that they are dating a nice single man but is two sets of heartache really better than one?

Sometimes the best approach to try is to be just as sneaky in letting him know that you know what he has been getting up to and say something along the lines of “Your phone was beeping so I picked it up and came across these text messages” By doing this, you are not really admitting to betraying his trust or playing detective behind his back. You could also say that you were going to borrow his cell phone for one of the functions such as calculator etc. One thing that you must remember however is that you shouldn’t let your man turn this fight around on you – you have a gut instinct and you followed it and that is something that you shouldn’t be ashamed of or feel bad for!