What Not to Say

Your conversation seems to be going well until all of the sudden your potential date disappears into thin air. Chances are you may have said something to turn them off. Here are a few tips of what not to do or mention during your online dating experience. Don’t discuss your prior marriage. Unless of course someone asks you, no one is really interested to know why your marriage failed. Never use your dating profile as a project of creative writing. This means tell the truth and don’t make up an imaginable character but rather just be you. Don’t ever tell somebody your philosophies on life if you have just met them. They may take it the wrong way and think that you are telling them what to do and what not to do. No one likes a no-it-all! Be sure not to complain about your last online experiences or relationships because again, no one wants to hear it. Also make sure you’re not putting blame on your ex for why you have ended up on an online dating site. The point is to meet people who you enjoy and who enjoy you. If you appear to be a complainer then you will never get a date.