What is Dating Anyway?

So many people do it, love it, hate it, but what is dating considered to be anyway? Truth is there is much debate about what dating is. Some consider it to be when you actually go out with someone who you are interested in. Some think it’s when a couple is intimate. If someone has asked you out for a cup of coffee, does that mean it’s a date? The answer is it depends on your age and sexual orientation.

If I asked my grandfather what dating to him means, he would say going to the movies with a gentlemen. If I asked my younger brother he would say someone you have been seeing for a few months and have probably been intimate with. The answer is dating is whatever you want it to be. If you go for a night out to a speed dating event, you may or may not consider that dating. If you had a bad date, you may not say it was a date. If you had a really good date and have been with each other for a while, you may consider yourself beyond the dating phase of your relationship. One thing is for sure, if you are engaged or married, you are not dating . . . or at least you shouldn’t be!