Up Your Flirting Skills Using Your Mobile Phone

Flirting for some is a natural ability; others need a little training in it.  The best way to improve your flirting techniques is to apply them with a hit and miss attitude.  If you get slapped, then you might want to remove that one from your arsenal.  Anyone, yes anyone can flirt and most people that say they can’t need to work on their confidence.  If you are ready to try then try you must.

You must remain cool at all times.  Getting flustered is not sexy unless the person you are flirting with likes a flustered and awkward attempt at flirting.  That’s the beauty of trying, even when you mess up you can still get brownie points for just trying.  Be ready to accept rejection also.  That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger completely applies to this very topic.

Have fun with it and don’t take yourself so seriously.  There are so few things in life that are a guaranteed 50/50 shot of success and flirting is one of them.  The best way to have your confidence at high when flirting is to not have an expectation attached.  Flirt for the sake of flirting and you will get better results.  It is always easier to try something if you don’t invest everything at once.  If you invest 50 dollars in the stock market but have 500 in the bank then so be it, you only lost 50 dollars.

However, if rent is due and it was your last 50 dollars then it is a much different story.  If you don’t do your flirting with a do or die attitude then it will be much easier and way more relaxed.  That way if you are rejected, so what, it isn’t the end of the world.