Take Time to Talk


One of the biggest causes of failure in relationships nowadays is a lack of communication.  The best way to resolve this is, of course, to talk more.  If you are having a problem with something, talk about it.  If you are finding it difficult to find time to sit down and talk with each other, make time for it.

Dinner is a great time to discuss minor things that may be going on.  From venting about problems at work or home, to ideas you may have for an upcoming vacation or home improvement topic, it should be light-hearted material.  Save anything more dramatic, in-depth or serious for later in the evening.

Additionally, if you cannot express your feelings face to face with your partner, you can definitely use you cell phone to try to talk things over. Using your mobile phone might be a good idea to avoid physical confrontation. Give your partner a time to cool down and observe how your loved one reacts when you try to talk to him/her on your cellular phone.

This way you can focus all of your attention on the matter at hand while (hopefully) preserving an already enjoyable evening.  Discuss all serious matters until a resolution can be reached, and NEVER go to bed angry.