Online Dating for the Cheating Heart

Well, this is a tricky subject, but, there are some of you out there that are looking for something a little extra on the side.  Of course, we are all frowning at you and looking judgmental, but the fact of the matter is that a lot of people use online dating services to find someone on the side.  Someone on the side of a wife or a husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, whatever your situation is, you already have someone.  So, for whatever reason, you are looking for someone to fool around with while your significant other is at work, school or maybe just away.  There are online dating services that you can go to that are specifically designed for this very desire.

Some of the sites cater to married people and then some just give you the option to tell people if you are married or seeing someone.  If you absolutely must cheat, then you may want to consider some things that will protect you.  First off, using a picture that clearly identifies you, that’s up to how bold you are feeling; but it may not be a good idea.  Also, you might want to clear your browser history and protect your passwords very well.  A snooping significant other might find out about your indiscretion.