Obvious signs that you are being cheated on – Check his/her Mobile Phone!

Have your partners actions changed? Are you starting to have fewer dates at the weekend than you usually would? Maybe you are noticing that your partner is working late a lot recently. Perhaps they are being sneaky about their cell phone and getting anxious when you ask them questions about their day? If this is the case then you could be experiencing the obvious signs that you are being cheated on. As much as you would like to brush these thoughts under the carpet, the reality of it all is that you need to fix the problem before it goes too far. If you are noticing a change in your partner’s behavior, it might be time to find out why.

When priorities change in the relationship such as fewer dates happening and less sex, it could be because there is another person filling the position that would usually be reserved for you. Let’s face it; if your partner is using all of their energy with someone else, there is a very good chance that is going to be not much left for you.

If the questions that you usually ask suddenly cause an issue within the relationship, there is a good chance that you are talking to a very guilty person. The most innocent of questions can seem like an interrogation to someone that is feeling guilty so if you are getting angry or vague answers to the things that you would usually ask anyway; it is time to make a change.

Have you noticed that your partner is choosing to spend a lot of time at work or just anywhere away from you recently? This could mean one of two things – they are either avoiding you to cause themselves less guilty emotions or the time that they are spending away from you is being spent with someone else. That is assuming that they are simply not just working late of course!