Getting to Know your Online Date

Now that you have found the perfect date from your online dating service, it is time to meet them in real life.  If you are used to dating and meeting people face to face then you should be ok on your own.  However, if you haven’t dated in a long time or get nervous meeting new people then here are some thing that might help you through the rocky patch in that initial meeting.

The one thing that the both of you immediately have in common is that you were both using the same online dating site.  You can ask your date about their success or experiences they have had prior to this date with your online dating site.  If that is a topic you are comfortable discussing then it is a good way to break the ice and get the conversation rolling.

Immediately start finding the things you have in common that you both like and stick to those topics.  This will keep the conversation on a positive not and thus, keep the date on a positive note.  This is important if you would like to have further dates.  Having a downer of a time is not a great incentive to have other dates.