What Not to Say

Your conversation seems to be going well until all of the sudden your potential date disappears into thin air. Chances are you may have said something to turn them off. Here are a few tips of what not to do or mention during your online dating experience. Don’t discuss your prior marriage. Unless of course someone asks you, no one is really interested to know why your marriage failed. Never use your dating profile as a project of creative writing. This means tell the truth and don’t make up an imaginable character but rather just be you. Don’t ever tell somebody your philosophies on life if you have just met them. They may take it the wrong way and think that you are telling them what to do and what not to do. No one likes a no-it-all! Be sure not to complain about your last online experiences or relationships because again, no one wants to hear it. Also make sure you’re not putting blame on your ex for why you have ended up on an online dating site. The point is to meet people who you enjoy and who enjoy you. If you appear to be a complainer then you will never get a date.

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What is Dating Anyway?

So many people do it, love it, hate it, but what is dating considered to be anyway? Truth is there is much debate about what dating is. Some consider it to be when you actually go out with someone who you are interested in. Some think it’s when a couple is intimate. If someone has asked you out for a cup of coffee, does that mean it’s a date? The answer is it depends on your age and sexual orientation.

If I asked my grandfather what dating to him means, he would say going to the movies with a gentlemen. If I asked my younger brother he would say someone you have been seeing for a few months and have probably been intimate with. The answer is dating is whatever you want it to be. If you go for a night out to a speed dating event, you may or may not consider that dating. If you had a bad date, you may not say it was a date. If you had a really good date and have been with each other for a while, you may consider yourself beyond the dating phase of your relationship. One thing is for sure, if you are engaged or married, you are not dating . . . or at least you shouldn’t be!

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Take Time to Talk


One of the biggest causes of failure in relationships nowadays is a lack of communication.  The best way to resolve this is, of course, to talk more.  If you are having a problem with something, talk about it.  If you are finding it difficult to find time to sit down and talk with each other, make time for it.

Dinner is a great time to discuss minor things that may be going on.  From venting about problems at work or home, to ideas you may have for an upcoming vacation or home improvement topic, it should be light-hearted material.  Save anything more dramatic, in-depth or serious for later in the evening.

Additionally, if you cannot express your feelings face to face with your partner, you can definitely use you cell phone to try to talk things over. Using your mobile phone might be a good idea to avoid physical confrontation. Give your partner a time to cool down and observe how your loved one reacts when you try to talk to him/her on your cellular phone.

This way you can focus all of your attention on the matter at hand while (hopefully) preserving an already enjoyable evening.  Discuss all serious matters until a resolution can be reached, and NEVER go to bed angry.

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What to do When You Find Intimate Texts on His Mobile Phone?

So, you have decided to take sneaky action because your boyfriend is acting a bit strange. You have a strange gut feeling that something is not right and that he could be betraying you with another woman so you take a peek at his mobile phone or itemized phone bill to see what you can come up with. To your horror, you have found text messages from another girl that completely displeases you and of a sexual or intimate nature. What do you do from here?

From this point the only real logical step would be to confront your partner and tell him what you have come across. The only problem with this is that then he will know that you too betrayed his trust and went through his cell phone without permission. He doesn’t really have a right to turn this argument around on you at this time considering what he has been getting up to but from the experiences of many women, this is usually what happens.

You could try to get in touch with the other woman or women in question and ask them to leave your partner alone. They may not know that he is actually with you and just think that they are dating a nice single man but is two sets of heartache really better than one?

Sometimes the best approach to try is to be just as sneaky in letting him know that you know what he has been getting up to and say something along the lines of “Your phone was beeping so I picked it up and came across these text messages” By doing this, you are not really admitting to betraying his trust or playing detective behind his back. You could also say that you were going to borrow his cell phone for one of the functions such as calculator etc. One thing that you must remember however is that you shouldn’t let your man turn this fight around on you – you have a gut instinct and you followed it and that is something that you shouldn’t be ashamed of or feel bad for!

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Making Cheaper Romance Possible

Have you ever realized how expensive it is to try and be romantic? Flowers, chocolates, jewelry and even buying the ingredients for a romantic meal can cost a small fortune. It is time to look at incorporating romance into your relationship on a budget and this doesn’t have to mean buying near dying flowers and chocolates that are reduced because they are going out of date. Dating and romance on a budget basically means looking at ways to have fun, be romantic and all without your bank balance dwindling faster than you can say “I love you!”

Instead of spending money on a card, why not make one instead? You can find that cards made on the internet are just as good as the real things if you put some serious thought and consideration into them and not only that but you can say what you really want to say to your partner, not what the card companies think that you should say. You could even try cutting little bits from older cards that you have received and make a completely new card from scratch? You will find some great homemade card ideas from the internet so why not use them to your advantage?

You might think that it is above romance to buy a dozen beautiful red roses to give to your loved ones but just remember how much these cost. Why not look at buying just a single red rose? The statement is the same – you love your partner but the one red rose will cost you a fraction of a bouquet which leaves you free to buy the romantic one single rose more often!

One last tip that you should look into when you want to incorporate some cheaper romance into your relationship is to use candles. It doesn’t matter whether you are watching a movie, having dinner, playing board games or simply talking – candles create a romantic mood without the need for hardly anything else! Sometimes investing in some nice scented candles is all it takes.

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