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What In the World Is Mobile Dating?

What In the World Is Mobile Dating?

In this day and age, everyone is of course familiar with the concept and the process of internet dating. Participants first of all choose a site, and register their name and email account. Once their account is up and running, they log in and create a profile. The profile contains information about their physical characteristics, their likes and dislikes, and what they are seeking in a dating partner. Profiles usually also include a photo of the person; those that do not are generally effective in attracting the attention of other people on the site.

Once a member of a dating site has a profile, they then browse the profiles of other members. If they find one they like, they send that member a message. That member can look at the first person’s profile and decide if they want to take things further, whether by talking further via email or phone, or by going on a date.

So far, so easy. This kind of dating-by-computer has been around for a long time now. When it was a new concept, it was greeted with a sense of mild repulsion or embarrassment by most people. While dating sites have always been popular, it’s only fairly recently that using them has lost its social stigma.

So if ‘normal’ internet dating is effectively dating-by-computer, mobile dating is dating-by-mobile device, where the device could be a cell phone, PDA, or other portable device with internet connectivity.

In mobile dating, participants upload a profile, as for a normal internet dating site but significantly shorter. It will include age, gender and sexual preference at a minimum, but some services allow for more details. A picture is of course also a must, but that’s easy when the device you’re using the access the service already has a camera built-in. They can then search for other profiles through their device.

Unlike internet dating, mobile dating tends to focus on people who are already in reasonable proximity to the user. So rather than searching through thousands of profiles of everyone who is subscribed to a service, the search is narrowed to users who are already in the same area as you. It’s a more immediate thing than the way internet dating has traditionally worked.

Some systems use Bluetooth to send out a signal with a certain radius, say 30 feet, to other users, for example in a bar or a club. This kind of ‘proximity alert’ dating is thought by many experts to be the ‘next big thing’ in the world of dating technology.

Principal analyst at Juniper Research, Windsor Holden, says that mobile dating is expected to see big rises in the numbers of users in the next few years, to 260 million by 2012. “It’s a case of enabling the functionalities you’re used to in the fixed environment: the ability to search databases and match up with people out there,” he said.

As for the profit model, some mobile dating services will charge for access, while others will allow free access but charge extra for additional services.

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Cell Phone Dating


Cell phone dating is become more and more popular. The fact of the matter is that most people in American have cell phones and spend plenty of time on it. Because people spend so much time on it, it allows them to be comfortable when meeting people.

Cell phone dating is generally done through either talking directly on the telephone or texting. There are definite advantages to either form of communication.

Texting has become a very popular mode of communication. This allows people to stay in touch throughout the day without interfering with whatever else the user is doing. Texting is very useful in meeting people through cell phone dating. Often times, people struggle to think of what to say when they are meeting new people. When texting it is easily possible to take time and really think about what to say in response to each comment made by the other person. This eliminates all forms of awkward silences and allows the conversation to flow freely.

Another advantage of texting to meet people is that it often gives people the courage to be bold. It is difficult to step up and tell someone that you are interested. Sometimes through text it can be easier as you are not in a face to face confrontation. It is important to be careful when being bold though, as it is still important to show who you really are, even over text.

The more genuine form of cell phone dating comes through talking directly over the phone. It can sometimes be more difficult to talk over the phone, but it can be a much better way to get to know people. When talking directly it is much easier to get into a deep conversation where details are shared. This can allow people to truly understand how the other feels and thinks about different topics. Talking over the phone also allows emotion to be listened to and felt. These things make it much easier to get a feel for exactly what type of person the individual is that you are talking to.

One of the difficulties when talking over the phone is that it is difficult to know what to say. This can be overcome by practicing with friends that you are comfortable with. With practice skills can be developed to where conversation will be free flowing and genuine. This ability to talk on the phone will bring cell phone dating to the next level.

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