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Moving Quickly in Mobile Dating

Now that your profile is perfect and you have an awesome picture and great wording you are ready correct?  Finally, you get to start meeting some great people, but what is the next step?  What are the signs that these people are the best match for you?  So you will need to figure out more about this person and the best way to do that is to ask straightforward questions.

Spend as little time as you have to on the initial friendly chit -chat.  Leap in with a question about their worst decision making when it came to online dating.  It is highly important that you pay attention to the answers.  These answers are the keys to the mystery of this person.

Next question: what are your aspirations for online dating?  These answers will help you to form a stronger opinion about your desire to date this person.  Hard questions like these break the ice very quickly.  The next question is super important. Ask them what happened with their previous relationship.  If they put a lot of blame on the other person, then you may want to consider what they are covering up.  Otherwise, the answer you are looking for is that it was a mutual decision.  Finding out this information now can lead to a strong relationship down the line.

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Up Your Flirting Skills Using Your Mobile Phone

Flirting for some is a natural ability; others need a little training in it.  The best way to improve your flirting techniques is to apply them with a hit and miss attitude.  If you get slapped, then you might want to remove that one from your arsenal.  Anyone, yes anyone can flirt and most people that say they can’t need to work on their confidence.  If you are ready to try then try you must.

You must remain cool at all times.  Getting flustered is not sexy unless the person you are flirting with likes a flustered and awkward attempt at flirting.  That’s the beauty of trying, even when you mess up you can still get brownie points for just trying.  Be ready to accept rejection also.  That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger completely applies to this very topic.

Have fun with it and don’t take yourself so seriously.  There are so few things in life that are a guaranteed 50/50 shot of success and flirting is one of them.  The best way to have your confidence at high when flirting is to not have an expectation attached.  Flirt for the sake of flirting and you will get better results.  It is always easier to try something if you don’t invest everything at once.  If you invest 50 dollars in the stock market but have 500 in the bank then so be it, you only lost 50 dollars.

However, if rent is due and it was your last 50 dollars then it is a much different story.  If you don’t do your flirting with a do or die attitude then it will be much easier and way more relaxed.  That way if you are rejected, so what, it isn’t the end of the world.

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Finding Someone Like You Online Using Your Mobile Phone

The best thing about the internet is that it is interactive. Thanks to the many applications, people can communicate online, play games, exchange pictures, and do video chats. This interactivity means that finding someone you like online using your mobile phone is not only a possibility – it is the norm. Many tend to worry that no one gets them. Online, people can be themselves, and find dates that they actually like a lot.

There are two reasons why people can’t find someone like themselves amongst their colleagues, classmates, or friends. One reason is because most aren’t open about themselves, and prefer to blend in, instead of stand out. Although this is okay, it significantly reduces the possibility of adventure, fun, and excitement.

The other reason is that the real world provides a very limited amount of relationships possibilities. People constantly tend to overwork themselves, and as a result they live a routine life where everything is the same day after day. This slowly reduces their uniqueness and turns them into a zombie.

When you are not attracted to those in your life, it is time to make a change. The web is the place to look. There probably are many people just like you – who enjoy the same activities, music, movies, and are looking for the same type of relationship. A dating site’s software can match you with their profiles. The process doesn’t take long, and people can take advantage of the many websites available.

Although opposites attract, many are looking for people they can relate to as well. Being comfortable with your partner is important. To avoid scandals and messy breakups, it is best to find someone who is interested in the same type of relationship. The internet is an easy place to look for a fun romance or a long term relationship. Thanks to the modern day technology, everyone can easily register to a dating website and participate in various voice and video chats. Now everyone can find the partner they want, without being restricted to the people they meet in work, college, etc.

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Cellular Dating

Mobile dating is a trendy quick way to finding a date with the help of the internet. One requires a WAP or web enabled mobile phone along with a service provider support to participate in this form of dating. Though dating via cell phones is growing popular by the day not only amongst youth but older people as well, it bears its relevant ups and downs.

The Upside

Mobile dating has helped bridged the gap between continents as daters all across the globe step out into the mobile dating world daily. People of all racial origins have no qualms of dating and mingling with individuals outside their caste, religion or country.
Due to privacy settings and security measures taken by dating websites and cellular providers, subscribers can use all their products and services at their free will remaining anonymous or under a pseudo name.
One can choose their ideal date or even dates through scores of options using the filter system.
Photo and video sharing makes mobile dating as real as one wants it to be.
Voice and video chat facilities are also available for mobile daters.
Some dating sites stream your search according to your location wherein you can hook up with singles right in your area.
You can subscribe or upgrade to various packages offered by dating sites and companies at your convenience, like SMS plans, personal multimedia messages and other premium services.
Individuals of different sexual orientation, background, divorcees or any age group can now freely enjoy their dating experiences without fearing the downpour of the moral police.

The Downside

As fun and freewheeling as mobile dating can be it comes with certain unfortunate consequences. Many individuals register just for the fun of it and in the bargain end up hurting the person they have been dating.
There a plenty fraudulent daters out there as well, who misuse or take undue advantage of vulnerable love seeking daters.
Since mobile dating is not upfront one cannot really distinguish between the riff raff and the genuine. It is always advisable to steer clear of people you are unsure of.
Avoid individuals trying to rush you into intimacy or obscenity.
Do not dole out private photos or videos of yourself without being certain about your date as they may misuse them and pass them on to dangerous hands.
Jumping to the idea of meeting your mobile date in person can lead you to disappointment and show you are needy. Also if and when you do decide to do this plan the meeting carefully keeping a friend or relative in the loop. There have been countless cases of date rape and extortion.
Some individuals seek pleasure out of wrong things and take advantage of emotional fools, taking favors from them in cash and kind.
Dating sites are not entirely secure so it is not advisable to use your real name or disclose personal details.
Even though mobile dating is convenient and goes easy on the pockets it can never substitute the real deal where a couple meet to get to know each other  and take it traditionally step by step.

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Mobile Dating: Possible Negative Implications?

Mobile dating is such a new player in the world of dating technology and technology-assisted dating, that it’s hard to know yet what sort of impact it’s going to have on the dating scene.

Early signs certainly seem positive, with adopters of the nascent technology system very happy with the results they have achieved from it, and very happy to sing it’s praises:

“I would recommend mobile dating to any of my friends, and even some of my enemies,” gushed 22-year-old bank clerk Anne Emerson. “[New boyfriend] Andy and I would never have met if I hadn’t seen his profile on the service I use and decided to send him a message, our social circles are just too different.”

For all this though, there are certainly some possible downsides. Chief among these is the fear that mobile dating could aid and abet potential stalkers. This is because one of the main features of mobile dating is that it allows other users to know where you are. If you tell a stranger when and where to meet you, there’s really no way of knowing what they’re going to be like when they arrive.

However, there are of course things that any sensible person would do to protect themselves from harm, or even just from potentially over-zealous suitors, such as always meeting in a crowded place, and always letting a friend know what you are doing. If these precautions are taken, then mobile dating becomes not much different from the average meet-up between two strangers in a bar, except that you plan it a little ahead of time.

Besides which, all mobile dating services are aware that their systems could be used by the wrong sorts of people, and so they have features that are designed to combat potential stalkers. For example, there is usually the ability to block another number from being able to ‘see’ you when you are logged in to the service.

Another potential negative with mobile dating is the cost of using it, as unlike internet dating, it won’t be able to be supported by the sale of ads. However, preliminary indications seem to be that mobile dating services will often be free to use, at least for basic functionality, with only more advanced features such as sending electronic cards and gifts attracting a charge. So users can try the service and then decide if they want or need to use the advanced features for which they will be charged.

Other services do charge, normally on a per-message or per-10-message basis, but so far these seem to be priced on the low side, with 99 cents per ten messages sent being the price point chosen by one major player in the mobile dating world. Analysts believe that at this price point, even teens and college students will use the service, though further price increases are possible once services start to get enough members to reach a ‘critical mass’ of profiles available for searching. Even so, it appears that mobile dating won’t break the bank for those singles out there who are both alone and poor!

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