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Do Research Before You Meet up With Your Mobile Dating Buddies

It is sad but true; you get chatting to a wonderful person that you have met on an online dating site, you swap email addresses and phone numbers, enjoy the conversations that you have together and then agree to meet only to find out that the other person was not exactly who they made themselves out to be! They could be married, a bit of a freak, unemployed or just not what you expected but there is a way that you can avoid these sorts of things happening in the future and that is by doing a little bit of background research!

It doesn’t take much in this day and age to find out more information on someone that you don’t know. Internet and mobile search engines have provided a wonderful background research tool for people just like you so why not use them to your advantage. You know your new potential partners name that you have met on the online dating site so enter it into a search engine and see what comes up. Social networking sites have made finding out more information a lot easier and by using them and the search engines in this manner, you can find out a few more details before you decide to progress to the next step. You can usually find out the age of the person that you are talking to, whether or not they are married and other snippets of information that you can use to make an educated decision over whether or not you want to actually date them.

Of course you can go a little further than this and become your own private investigator. With internet tools such as reverse background searches you can find a wealth of information that you will usually have to pay a small fee for but that will tell you pretty much anything you needed to know from a criminal record to where they grew up and if they have any children and all of these details can put an end to any heartache that you are on your way to.

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Mobile Dating Tip – Avoid White Lies!

It can be very easy to get carried away with online dating and start to make up small white lies on your profile and when you are talking to people that you have met in order to make yourself look better and more attractive. Lies can take on so many different forms – you might have posted a photo on your profile that wasn’t exactly the most recent one that you could have come up with, you might have lied about the amount of money that you make in your job or the value of your home and assets, you might have even lied about your marital status. It has been proven that almost 25% of people on mobile dating are actually married!
The important thing that you need to remember about mobile dating is that the whole purpose is to find someone that you are compatible with and will potentially spend a lifetime with. What is the point in lying to make yourself look better when in the end; you will be caught out anyway. How embarrassing do you think it will be to finally meet up with someone and they realize that you are actually five years older than what you said or don’t earn half as much money as you made out.
The best approach to take with mobile dating is to be as honest as possible. Who cares if you don’t earn as much as other people or are not quite 25 years old anymore? If you want to meet someone special, be honest, be truthful and in the long run, you will find this to be more beneficial.

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3 Great Romantic Proposal Ideas Using Your Mobile Phone

If marriage is on your mind then you will want to make sure that you get the proposal just right. One wrong move and your romantic proposal could be a complete disaster. Thankfully if you are looking for the perfect way to propose then you have come to the right place. Here are the three most romantic ways that you can propose to your loved one.

1.       If you want to publicly propose to your loved one then perhaps you should look at doing it in a really unique place such as in the local aquarium or zoo to your area. You could employ the help of the workers within these establishments to put on a real show such as divers within the aquarium holding up a board surrounded by fish. This is definitely a proposal that will never be forgotten!

2.       For a slightly more personal fee to your proposal, you should look at popping the big question within your home. You could try putting the ring on her fingers as she sleeps and leave for work before she gets up in the morning. With a cute note on the pillow this proposal could be the wakeup call that she always dreamed of.

3.       Why not go all out there and plan something really unique such as getting glow in the dark letters and placing them on the ceiling just before you head to bed at night? When she lays there and tries to fall asleep, she will notice the letters that spell out “Will you marry me?” above her head and let’s face it, who could possibly say no to that?

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Bonus! There’s an Entire Real World Out There

Maybe you are getting tired of seeing the same people from your local area on the online dating  or mobile dating service.  That’s no problem; you can actually go out and meet people in real life also.  It’s always an option and it doubles your chances of finding someone.  Take a week break from online dating and try out a new hobby or check out some of the new restaurants in town.

If only it were as easy as it use to be when we were younger…  You could just go to the mall or meet someone in school.  Those simple ideas still work… maybe not the mall and definitely not a high school, but you could go take a few classes at the community college to meet people.  Maybe get into an arts and craft kind of class.

The gym is also a great replacement for the mall.  Everyone going there is interested in making themselves better so right off the bat, that’s a great start.  You may run in to some of those people that are in a transitional stage of making themselves better, but you still have to give them credit.  The gym is an ideal place to meet potential dating partners.

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Lower Your Expectations?

Is there a Mr. Perfect and a Ms. Right?  Should you settle for less only because you think you have set the standards too high?  You may need to adjust your standards as time goes on, but you shouldn’t really ever have to settle.  Sometimes it is just a matter of being too specific.  At the other end of the spectrum, being too vague, you could just end up with someone that has a pulse… and that’s it.

So instead of looking for someone that is a Medical doctor that drives a Porsche, have you considered dating someone that works in Pharmaceuticals and drives an Acura?  Your criteria might only need to be altered slightly and you can still get what you want from the person you want to be with.  Maybe you only want to be with someone that enjoys bungee jumping, but have you considered that there might be even more exciting activities out there?  You might want to consider someone that likes hang gliding.

Being too specific works if you are lucky, but it can really limit your opportunities.  The only things that you should be entirely wholeheartedly specific about are drugs, disease and sexual preference.  If you don’t like drugs then you probably will not want to be with someone that enjoys them on more than a recreational basis.  Same goes with smoking.  If you don’t want a smoker then make it clear and that there are no exceptions.

Other than those items of interest open up your possibilities a little.  Maybe even try something new.  You might have fun and you might find the person that you were looking for.  If you don’t then add it to your list of things you don’t want in a person and move on.

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