Be Safe With Online Dating

Just as online dating can be a success it can also be disaster if you don’t follow simple online dating safety rules. Follow these few tips to enjoy a fun and safe time while you venture out into online dating.

Be sure to guard your identity. Keep yourself anonymous until you feel ready to proceed forward. Don’t ever use your real name or where you live in your profile or emails. Be sure to take it slow. Get comfortable with someone by talking online. Take the appropriate steps by next, chatting on the phone. Never be in a rush to meet someone in person. When you decide to meet someone ALWAYS meet in a public place with many people around you, a good place could be in a cafe or restaurant.

A great tip to remember is not to use a sexy name. You will attract attention but not a kind of attention you. Be sure to also trust in your gut feeling and instincts. If you get a bad feeling from someone or something then listen to yourself. Be sure to block anyone who makes rude comments.  Date sites make this easy to do. If at any time you feel threatened, end contact with that person instantly. If someone doesn’t have a photo, ask for one and lastly, use a separate email account you can make one free on gmail or bing. If helps to keep you protected!